about us


The company has been established in 1968 and has gone through several development phases since, from the perspectives of ownership structure, business structure and activities as well. The company went through several transformations, renewals, and modernization and has adapted to the demands of the times and markets. The company, as one of the first professional Hungarian distribution companies has been a leader in up-to-date business solutions in the course of its existence.

In the first years after its establishment, the company was a pioneer in the areas of know-how and technology transfer deals (export, import and cooperation).

It prepared significant joint ventures, played a decisive role in specific projects, and followed their progression all the way to the accomplishment. As a result of its activities, several hundred cooperation, license and marketing agreements have been concluded between foreign and Hungarian partners as well.

In 1989, it became the first hungarian company which was transferred fully to foreign ownership. Its owner was the 6th wealthiest family at the time in the United States of America, thereby making way for the integration into a financially extremely strong and well-known Chicago based group of companies, and take over and develop the most up-to-date business, marketing, sale and distribution techniques within a short period of time. During this time the company went through intensive transformation and development, which was connected to the agricultural and industrial export and import tasks opening up through the liberalization of foreign trade activities. With the assistance of the foreign owner, new divisions were created and this contributed to the intensive development of the distribution processes.

We are proud that the introduction of several market leading global brands well-known in Europe (even worldwide) to the Hungarian public is linked to Intercooperation’s name.
Products which had been introduced to the Hungarian market by the company include among others:

Alcoholic beverages: Heineken,- Staropramen,- Carlsberg- Grants,- Glenfiddich- The Famous Grouse, Hennessy, Moët Chandon

High quality cosmetics, medical and chemical products: Cutex, – Rimmel, – Lysol,- Salvequick, – Swiss Formula, – Hawaiian Tropic, – Antonio Banderas,- Herbina,- Oxy,- Kiwi,- Samarin,- Vaxol,- VO5,- Propolki

Car care products: Turtle Wax,- WD40

State of the art commercial interior design materials and dry construction materials: Knauf,- Armstrong, – Ursa, – Porta, – Chicago Metallic, – Kaimann,- Rockwool

Agricultural machines and components: New Holland-Ford,- MTZ

We had a significant role in these products becoming known in this country, however, due to changes in the activities of the company, and in the distribution lifecycle, the above products and brands are not necessarily part of our current activity and product line any more.

The CEO of the company received his mandate from the American owner in 1996, and from 1999 has simultaneously been promoted to Vice President of the american group of companies as well, the same as owned the direct shares of Intercooperation.
In 2002 then the CEO has acquired 100% of the ownership of Intercooperation from the USA group from this time on, the company has been once again, entirely in 100% Hungarian ownership. This was part of a major transaction of the CEO acquiring a few more companies in different countries.

Using his experience gained during the years spent working as a leader of Intercooperation and as vice president of the American organization, and working with 28 companies in 19 countries the CEO is himself a guarantee for stability and constant development in the company.

The profile of the company is continuously developing, diversifying, changing, as is typical – in connection with international trends – for distribution companies such as ours.

The stability and constant development of the last 10 years was guaranteed by the unchanged mentality of the leadership, and the current profile was developed in this period.

Our company has a H.A.C.C.P. certificate and complies with domestic and international standards.