Intercooperation Private Co., Inc.

Intercooperation Private Co., Inc. provides reliable and professional services in the fields of export, import, marketing & distribution. The main profile our company is the distribution of consumer goods and marketing of fruit products. We represent well-known international brands on the Hungarian market, we act as sole distributor for leading companies, and we supply fruit juice, syrup and beer factories with fruit products.

We offer high-quality raw products from controlled sources made from tropical and other exotic fruits which have been subjected to various processing procedures for use in the food industry, and provide continuously reliable services to our existing and future partners. Our work is high-quality and reliable. Our colleagues do everything in their power to ensure that our existing and future partners can rely on us at all times.

Our motto: “Quality for us does not happen by chance.”

Why working with us?

  • Highly skilled and professional team

  • Many decades of experience

  • Specific needs are considered

  • Premium quality of products

  • Our partner’s activity is under control

  • Several successful products introducing in the domestic market

Consumer products

Intercooperation distributes well-known brands of consumer products. The company carries out the import, logistics, local distribution and marketing of these products. We organize this work from our own warehouse through wholesale and retail channels, and make sales towards restaurants and other catering establishments through our local distributor network.

We work by adjusting to different market conditions and requests of our partners, where we take into consideration the expectations and challenges of the times, thus provide a high level service for our existing and potential partners.


Fruit based products

based products

Our company has been importing and exporting fruit concentrates and purees that are the basis of soft drinks, jams, alcoholic drinks and other foodstuff for decades.

Our available products are made from quality controlled and inspected fruit which can easily be used in various areas of the food industry, for example: soft drink and syrup manufacturing, jam production, alcohol industry - with emphasis on the artisan beer and liquor industry - dairy products, baking industry and confectionary products.

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