Fruit based products

Fruit concentrate, pulp, puree export and import


The concentrates are made from fresh, ripe fruits by gently evaporating part of the water content. They can be pulpy or strained, in the second case all the fibers are removed


Pulps are made from high quality fruit by pressing the peeled fruit, which contains the juice and fibers as well.


Purees are made from pulps by removing part of the water content.
Uses: juices with pulp, syrups, jams.


Our products are stored in aseptic packaging (without preservatives, preserved with heat treatment). The big advantage of aseptic packaging is that it prevents overgrowth of microorganisms in the products until the expiration date.
If needed we have some products on stock in refrigerated storage, others we supply by order.

Fruit based products

Our company has been importing and exporting fruit concentrates and purees that are the basis of soft drinks, jams, alcoholic drinks and other foodstuff for decades.

Our available products are made from quality controlled and inspected fruit which can easily be used in various areas of the food industry, for example: soft drink and syrup manufacturing, jam production, alcohol industry - with emphasis on the artisan beer and liquor industry - dairy products, baking industry and confectionary products.

In our wide product range there are fruit concentrates with several different dry material content, purees and pulps, made from 45 different real fruits.

Our main goal is to complete the orders of our buyers quickly, precisely and flexibly.

Our partners are well known European (Italian, Spanish, Belgian, German), Israeli, South-American and South-African companies and we have worked with them for many years. Our products meet the severest expectations and have the necessary quality certificates.

Our goal is to meet the changing needs of our partners with the same high standards as before. Our partners are leading manufacturers in the soft drink, confectionery and alcohol industry. We are contracted partners of Biokontroll Hungária Kht. According to our certificates we are authorized to distribute organic products.

Fruit products supplied according to individual needs

Our company supplies fruit products according to individual needs. .