Consumer products

Intercooperation distributes well-known brands of consumer products. The company carries out the import, logistics, local distribution and marketing of these products. We organize this work from our own warehouse through wholesale and retail channels, and make sales towards restaurants and other catering establishments through our local distributor network.

We work by adjusting to different market conditions and requests of our partners, where we take into consideration the expectations and challenges of the times, thus provide a high level service for our existing and potential partners.

Consumer products - beverages

Import and distribution of excise goods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Distribution of cocktail ingredients

Distribution of special Japanese beverages

Import of excise goods

Organizing HORECA promotions

Fruit based products

Specific import-export

Assisting with advice in special cases with the manufacturing

Fruit based products supplied according to individual needs

Consumer products - Cosmetics and healthcare products

Distribution of pharmaceutical products, cosmetic and healthcare products

Organizing national pharmacy promotions

Acting in notification processes of food supplements and vitamins

Licensing of medical devices

Pharmacy visits

National marketing of OTC products

Organizing promotion campaigns


Intercooperation Zrt provides full service for foreign and Hungarian companies on the field of product management.

During the years we have put together our present extensive service portfolio by constantly following the changes in the market demand, so today we can safely say that we provide high quality solutions  in product management and  do a high standard, correct job. Our excellent  professionals have extensive marketing  knowledge and connections. We are able to handle all aspects of sales and marketing, and if it is needed, our infrastructure can provide high standard storing facilities as well.

On demand we visit drug stores based on individual contracts fully using our own human resources.  Our 7 people drug store visiting team is able to cover the entire country.

We undertake nationwide marketing of OTC products and transaction of various promotional campaigns with professional know-how and maximal diligence.

Megkeresés alapján különféle szeszes,- és alkoholmentes italok forgalmazásához segítséget nyújtunk és jövedéki szolgáltatást végzünk. Kereskedelmi képviselő csapatunk országos HORECA promóciók megszervezésében és lebonyolításában több éves tapasztalattal áll rendelkezésre.